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Story Of Some Housewife Escorts in Chandigarh

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

It's no secret that men in our society aren't supposed to be seen around the house, let alone cleaning it. Women are expected to take care of their families and make a happy marital home. So when a woman is caught going out of her way to clean up after her husband, it goes against everything we're told society wants us to believe about gender roles.

That's why when one of my friends, a divorced woman in her late thirties, admitted that she had hired a maid to clean our home, it made me smile. She was just so happy to have a woman around. And when I asked her why, she told me this: "My husband never did anything more than complain if my house wasn't clean. He'd even get angry if he brought home clothes from work that needed ironing. I was sick of it."

This was the first time I'd met someone who had hired someone to clean their house. And what made her story even better was that she wasn't rich; she just wanted a woman around. "It's so nice just to sit and talk with someone," she said, as though this were something revolutionary.

Although my friend is far from the only middle-class Indian woman who has hired a maid, most people in India are still incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of a woman staying at home. Many of us aren't comfortable with the idea of women even working, especially not as housemaids.

So it came as a big surprise to me when I moved to Chandigarh and discovered that this city is actually in the midst of a housewife escort boom.

Chandigarh isn't the best place to live in India—it's certainly not Mumbai or Delhi—but it does have its perks: it's cheap, laid back and you can walk around at midnight without feeling like you're about to get robbed. Having arrived fresh from a year in Chandigarh, I loved it.

Chandigarh is home to an incredibly diverse population and business is booming. Many women are moving to the city, specifically for independent careers. There are more than two million people who live in Chandigarh, including families made up of married couples who came here with high hopes for a better life, along with single men and women from rural areas who come looking for work. And then you have the large numbers of students studying in the city's universities.

Chandigarh has also become well known for its many Escort Services. They aren't unique to this city and are a widespread practice across India, but still, I was surprised when I first heard about them. This was going to be the topic of my series on Chandigarh Escorts and I began thinking: "What a great way to get some more attention on that site!"

So what are these women who make their living by escorting? Read on to find out.

Bharati – An Escort

Bharati is a 42-year-old housewife who lives in a modest house in the suburbs of Chandigarh. Her husband works as an interior designer, but he's not around much, leaving her alone to pander to their two school-going children. She's been married for 11 years and has been working as a housewife escort since she was 30.

Bharati is a talkative woman, who laughs a lot and can dominate a conversation. She seems the perfect example of what your parents would want you to marry—not that she's old by any means, but she still has plenty of time to focus on her children. And what's more, Bharati already has a mother-in-law who comes over every day at noon to look after the children while Bharati goes out to work as an escort.

Bharati says she wants to work because she finds it enjoyable. She says she gets to talk with many people and she likes to go out, so it's a perfect fit. Not that anyone in her family knows how she makes her money. When asked if her husband would be okay if he found out, she said that he would be furious and he might even file for divorce. But she has no plans to stop. "As long as there's money, I'll continue to do this," she said.

Lovely – An Escort

I met up with Lovely at a popular haunt for women escorts called 'Girls on Bikes'. This place is busy and loud, with a lot of drunken young men hanging out. It's one of the usual bars that see prostitutes frequenting it—a place for small-town Chandigarh cites to let loose without worrying about being seen. Both Lovely and Bharati work as housewife escorts, but neither of them frequents this place.

Lovely is a tall, light-skinned woman who's in her thirties. She wears big glasses with lenses so dark that she couldn't see where I was standing as we talked. She didn't seem to care too much about what I was asking her and kept looking around the place. She had a lot of friends there and her phone kept ringing.

Lovely told me that she comes here because she doesn't want people to recognize her in other places. She also gave me a big hug during our conversation, which made me wonder why she wanted to keep it secret in the first place.

Bharati and Lovely are two of the many housewife escorts working in Chandigarh, but they represent very different types of women. Bharati is an independent woman who has a family she loves and a good husband. She does what she does because it's fun, not because she has to—and that's something that doesn't really matter as long as her family is happy and well looked after.

On the other hand, Lovely seems to be doing this for herself and not for anyone else. She's a single, lonely woman who seems to exist in this world solely for her own satisfaction. She doesn't seem to have anyone she loves or cares about—she just wants to pretend that her life is complete.

In both cases, the women aren't exactly the best example of what a housewife should do. But I did learn one thing from meeting these two escorts: When you want a life, you don't need your husband's permission; you go out and get it for yourself.

Luxmi – An Escort

Luxmi is a 32-year-old housewife from a village in the southern state of Kerala. She came to the city with her husband and two daughters when she was 18, and now works as an escort.

When I met Luxmi, she had just finished cooking lunch for her family. The children were playing outside with their friends and she was sitting on a bench in their backyard, waiting to help them finish up after school.

Luxmi is a pretty woman who wears her hair in a ponytail. She's funny and charming and seems like she could be very good company. We talked about how she ended up as an escort, even though her husband has a job with the government as a school teacher.

But Luxmi said that she wanted to do something different and so she started coming over to my office every day, first to help me out with my work and then because I offered her money for it, which started her life as an escort.

"My family doesn't know I work as an escort," she said. "They know I'm a writer, but they don't want to talk about what I write."

Luxmi said her husband doesn't mind that she's an escort, even though he has never worked with me. She says that she comes over to my office every day because it gives her a chance to spend time with someone else and meet new people outside of her family. And apparently, that's enough for her husband. Luxmi says that she doesn't need him and he doesn't need her, so she's doing her thing and he's doing his thing.

"My husband knows morals," Luxmi said, "and that's one advantage I have."

Like Bharati and Lovely, Luxmi is a different type of housewife escort. She wants to do this because she likes the way it makes her feel, not because there isn't anyone else at home waiting for her to come home from escorting.

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